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Brokers/Agents deals exclusively with the Canadian mortgage broker/agent community for our originations. We pride ourselves on being the go to private lending company for residential mortgages in Ontario. We offer stellar turnaround times, fantastic customer service, and a common sense approach to underwriting that is unique in today's private lending market.

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Stable Returns Secured Against Canadian Residential Real Estate

If you are looking for a stable, secure, or passive investment that can garnish double digit returns, investing in private mortgages is the right choice for you. You will be confident in knowing that your investment is secured against a piece of Canadian residential real estate; an asset that is assessed and appraised by some of the best real estate appraisers in Canada.

Contrary to investing in entities such as mutual funds or stocks, investing with gives you a physical asset backing your investment that can be liquidated in the event of a delinquency. Our team will manage the investment to ensure you receive consistent returns on your hard earned investment dollars.

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A leader in Ontario for private mortgages

Our firm has been recognised as a leader in Ontario for providing private mortgage funding on residential real estate. Since our inception, we have continuously offered products and services that are next to none in the industry. As a result, we have developed a respected reputation with the Canadian mortgage broker network and with all of our industry partners.

At, we underwrite and manage a portfolio of hundreds of short term mortgages typically lasting no longer than 12 months. Our portfolio is funded by a group of investors with a pool of funds in excess of three-hundred million dollars ($300 Million) as of January 2016.

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