What Are You Investing In

WCL Capital Group provides a great opportunity to all investors for a notable ROI (Return on Investment). The private mortgage lending market gives investors access to above average yields on their investment while secured by the equity in real estate.

Have you ever considered lending your funds in mortgages secured by real estate? Did you know you are able to use the funds in your overrated and under performing RRSP & TFSA portfolio? If you haven’t yet dabbled in the market, you are missing a great investment vehicle that can provide significant returns, minimal risk, and very little effort.

WCL Capital Group will handle the entire investment process for you. The ROI will range between 8%-10% while providing you with the comfort in knowing that your investment is being handled by Ontario’s leading private mortgage lending company. Our firm’s continuous growth and success has been built on a high level of trust, professionalism, and integrity with all of our investors and business partners.

Ontario has a very healthy and stable real estate market and private lending and investing in mortgages has become one of the top options for many investors nationwide. When you are placing private funds, the location and property type plays a critical role in your investment security. Conducting the adequate due diligence and risk management analysis on every transaction is the reason behind our below average portfolio delinquency rates.

The minimum investment requirement is $1,000,000 and for all inquiries please email info@wecanlend.com.